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The Benefits of a Chemical Free Pool
by Ben E. Anderson


When is the last time someone poured you a nice cold glass of bleach? Sounds disgusting, but that is basically what you are drinking when you drink tap water. For decades, chlorine has been the standard used to treat water against germs and algae. The same is true with a chlorine or salt water pool. While a chlorine pool makes it obvious that chlorine is being used, a salt water pool is basically the same thing.

Chlorine is still created by passing a salt solution between expensive metal plates that are electronically charged. The problem is that you are not only exposing your body to chlorine, but also to excess salt.

Chemical free pools do not use chlorine or salt in the water system. The great thing about a chemical free pool is that there is no chlorine used at all. It has been compared to swimming in bottled water. The same processes that go into bottled water are used to make pool water healthy and clear. After years of use, scientists are starting to understand just how bad chlorine exposure is. Every effort should be made to avoid unnecessary exposure to this potentially dangerous chemical.

Salt water pools are definitely better then chlorine pools because they reduce your exposure to chlorine pucks and shock systems, swimmers may still experience the eye irritation and chemical smell in the water.

So what is the alternative? A chemical free pool. Using a pool filtration system that doesn't require the addition of harmful chemicals will be better for you, your family and the environment. There are several systems that can be used obtain crystal clear water without chemicals. Each of them has their pros and cons.

1. Mineral cartridge systems. These systems pass water through a cartridge containing minerals to kill bacteria. The problem though is that these cartridges are expensive and require constant filtration. So while they do not use chemicals, you still have the added electricity expense.

2. Biaguanide. This is a chemical compound. So if you are seeking a chemical free pool, avoid this. It is not an oxidizer and it is not an irritant like chlorine. It is expensive and must constantly be added to pool water.

3. Ozone Generators. These generators bombard water with ultra-violet rays in order to kill bacteria. This method is a great way to achieve chemical free clear water, but only in small amounts. Spa size pools will benefit from Ozone generators, but larger pools will require constant filtration. Larger pools may still require additional chlorine to help fight bacteria.

4. Ionizers. Ionizers work by shocking the water without the use of chemicals. Ionizers also add a level of copper to the water. Copper is a natural metal and it does a great job killing viruses and algae. Filtration must still be done, but in most cases is significantly less then with other methods. This is one of your best options for a chemical free pool.

There are several methods to achieving crystal clear water that is free of bacteria without the use of salt or chemicals. Don't just settle for whatever your local dealer offers. Your family deserves the best. Why not give them that by removing all of the harmful salts and chemicals that others are adding to their pools.


Please visit us to learn how to have a chemical free pool and to learn more about the problems with having a salt water pool.

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